Gyotaku Fish print artist Eiji Umemura

Gyotaku fish printing Eiji Umemura

The Gyotaku Fish Print Artist Eiji Umemura was born and raised in Japan-

-that is where he did his first fish rubbing at the age of 10. Self-taught from a young age, he has since refined and mastered his unique Gyotaku process. He moved to Canada for fishing when he was 24 years old. Each of Eiji's Gyotaku artworks is created using non-toxic water colors on fabric.

Eiji expresses a variety of colors, textures and compositions through this unique artform, break the traditional boundaries of this historic medium. Today, Gyotaku is an alternative to mounting fish, and has become a recognized form of fine art.

Eiji's works have sold internationally in the U.K., Japan, Arabic, Germany, Holland, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, the U.S. and in his well-established Canadian market.

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