Framing Suggestions

Depending on the size of your fish in the print,
I suggest the following to allow your fish to look free and as if it was still swimming.

Smaller fish should have at least 5 inch - 7 inch of material on both sides with 5 inch - 6 inch of material showing on top and bottom. This would apply to fish of under thirty pounds.

Framed gyotaku salmon fish print


For larger fish, over thirty pounds, the material should have 7 inch - 8 inch of material on both sides with 6 inch - 7 inch showing on top and bottom.

For fish over forty pounds, please add an extra inch or two.

Using these approximate dimensions, you will find your fish does not look too squeezed inside the matting/frame. Also, remember the signature red stamp (HANKO) and Eiji’s signature is considered to be the “level line” of the print.

Wishing you many enjoyable days with your finished print!

These Gyotaku prints are made with water colours, so drymounting is highly recommended.