Commission works

Gyotaku offers an artistic alternative to taxidermy.

Anglers used to have their trophy fish stuffed and mounted, but today anglers have a stylish alternative. GYOTAKU, or “fish print,” is a centuries-old Japanese method of preserving a life-size image of the catch. Whether it's your grandson's first cod or your prize thirty-pound salmon, you can preserve the memory in art. Eiji Umemura will take your fish and make a work worthy of display in your home or office. Having a one of a kind Gyotaku Fish Print made is a wonderful way to enhance both the memory of the catch and your decor.

When you commission Eiji Umemura to create a painting of your catch - salmon, snapper, halibut, shark, or tarpon- you will own an original Gyotaku Fish painting that is completely unique. It will be a true artist's interpretation - not a photograph- of that special fish that means so much to you... something of value to treasure that will last for future generations. Eiji will create a unique interpretation of your professional space.

The commission process is not difficult. It begins with a deposit, a consultation, and emailed pictures. If you are in the Campbell River, Eiji may be able to pick up your catch, - please call to make arrangements. A commissioned painting is truly an "Oh Wow!" art painting that will be treasured forever. Commissoned work is priced similarly to paintings.

Please inquire for pricing.

For framing please see FRAMING SUGGESTIONS Page.

Instructions for print commissioning

  • Fish can be fresh or frozen.
  • Not cleaned.
  • Lying flat (Head on right).
  • If it is fresh, keep wet.
  • If it needs to be frozen, spray water during the freezing process (glazing).
  • Squished or bent fins will show on the print.
  • Fish print request form has to be filled out.

Please send fish with……

  • Fish print request form.
  • Processing order form or cleaning instructions for after the fish print is done.

Please allow up to 6 months for delivery